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अयोध्यापुरी​ | Homestay at Ayodhyapuri in Madi


Ayodhyapuri is a village development committee in Chitwan District in Bagmati Pradesh of southern Nepal. The name “Ayodhyapuri Buffer Zone Community Homestay” has taken from the name of the village in Madi. The homestay is situated at Shivadwar village and is managed by Ayodhyapuri Buffer zone Community Hoemstay Committee. The homestay is in a buffer area of Chitwan National Park. Shivadwar is an old settlement of Pun Magar and other marginalized ethnic communities as Newar, Rai and other. They have their own unique culture and custom.

The buffer zone is highly rich in floral and faunal diversity, including Bengal Tiger and one of the last populations of single-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis). Rewa flow along this area and has enriched riverine forest area. Both river systems are the best habitat for single-horned Rhinoceros.

The main objective of this homestay is to support ecotourism of this region. The income generated from the ecotourism will support the livelihood of local marginalized community and mainstream them in biodiversity conservation.

Following are activities and services provided by the home stay community. They are:

  • Wildlife view in Buffer Zone Community Forest
  • Pun Magar culture
  • Pun Magar dish.
  • Canoeing at Fish pond.
  • Sunset view at the confluence of Rewa River.
  • Fishing
  • Home stay

“Through these homestay programs, WWF Nepal is trying to make the communities who are highly dependent on natural resources more economically independent. By focusing on local livelihoods of communities living in the fringes of national parks and protected areas, we hope to build greater ownership of such communities in conservation”

Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung, Senior Conservation Program Director of WWF Nepal.

The homestay offers numerous tourism activities in the nearby Someshwor-Churia Corridor Forests and Chitwan National Park such as jungle walk, elephant safari and bird watching. The village also has more than 20 ponds where guests can enjoy fishing.
In order to empower the local communities towards integrated biodiversity conservation and economic development through the sustainable use of their resources, Terai Arc Landscape program, a joint undertaking of the Government of Nepal and WWF Nepal, has been supporting indigenous communities towards homestay programs. Prior to this there are three other homestay villages running successfully in TAL.

Wildlife view in Buffer Zone Community Forest (BZCF)

One horned  rhino in Chitwan.
One horned rhino in Chitwan.

There are 5 different BZCF sunderAyodhyapuri User Committee and but Baikunthe and Proposed Shivadwar BZCF are the important than other because these are rich in biodiversity. Rewa river in the northern ridge and wetlands inside the BZCF offer the frequent visibility of endangered species especially Rhino. Other species like tiger, leopard, wild boars, deer species, and seasonal birds can be sited occasionally. There are forest trails and view tower (Machan) built inside forest.

Pun Magar Culture

Traditional Pun Magar dance.
Traditional Pun Magar dance.

Traditional Pun Magar dance show such as, Maruni, Sorathi, Salaijo and other local dance are exhibited on request. This show is performed at the community hall of homestay program. One group has to pay Rs. 2000 for the cultural package.
Pun Magar Dish
Dhido of Millet, Chatani of Timur, Gundruk Pickel, Sandeko Bhatmas (Soybean) Local Chiken and duck, and Local wine as per guest need etc.

Canoe ride Program

Tourists are enjoying the canoe ride.
Tourists are enjoying the canoe ride.

Home stay unit has managed canoe ride program for tourist in fish pond of home stay. Visitors can observe aquatic animals and realize amunsement from this program. Tourist can be see different animals and birds while canoeing.
Sunset view at the confluence of Rewa River is a perfect scene.
Rewa River lies in the northern part of the homestay in the bound dry between community and National Park.

Tourist can see sunset view from bank of Rewa River. They can see wild species in the time of sunset view time.

Homestay program of Ayodhyapuri Bufferzone User Committee is started from 27 December 2015 at Shivadwa rvillage .Homestay is inaugurated by Hon. Soil conservation and forest minisnter Mr. Agni Pd. Sapkota by one huge inauguration submit. 11 households are hosting the service for 44 guests at a time.
Contact person for the homestay are:

  • MoahanBdr. Pun, Chairperson 9804220992
  • TulBdr. Pun ,Manager 9845195292

The home-stay is supported by Chitwan National Park, Kasara, Chitwan, Terai Arc Landscape Program, Sauraha, Chitwan, AyodhuapuriBZ User Committee, Kharkatta, Chitwan and AyodhuapuriBZ Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. Kharkatta, Chitwan.

Finally, Ayodhyapuri Buffer-zone Community Home Stay is gorgeously initiated by foreign employment immigrants adding local flavour for national and international tourists in their home town. Let’s visit Ayodhyapuri.


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