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Innovative Hospitality: Cleanliness For All

Innovative Hospitality Cleanliness

Innovative hospitality service is a Kathmandu based housekeeping service provider working for cleanliness to hospitality companies, commercial and retail offices, industries and private houses, hotel and apartment, commercial buildings and shopping centres, parks and public places,restaurants and banquets, medical institutions, banks and airport too.

The motto is “Our cleanliness is second to none”. That’s why, they believe in “cleanliness for healthy life.”

Their work scope lies in housekeeping services like cleaning and maintenance, polishing of marble. In addition, granite floors, tile floor, wooden floor and parquet floor, shampooing of carpet and sofa, pest control and garden maintenance are also additional services.

They have three members in their management team. Mr. Krishna Kumar Neupane is the Managing Director. Similarly, he has more than 30 years of experience in this field from Nepal and UAE.

The next member in their team is Mr. Rabin Thakuri. He is an Operation in charge. Similarly, he has more than 16 years of experience in housekeeping from Nepal and UAE.

The other member is Mr. Uttam Adhikari. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing from various hotels and hospitality industries.

This hospitality service was established 2 years ago aiming to give the full satisfaction to the customer in a reasonable price. Actually the members have a long working experience in hospitality services from UAE. As a result, they thought of “why can’t we do something else in our own country?” That’s why, they started their business with the motive of ” Let’s do something in Nepal rather than going abroad. ” In their hospitality services they also provide training and career development programs for the entire employee.

You may contact the following vendor for this service.

Mr. RabinThakuri
Operation Manager
Innovative Hospitality Service Pvt. Ltd.
Postal: Sukedhara-4, Kathmandu, Nepal
Call: 01-4015100, 9861803360

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