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Digital Storytelling of Callmandu vs Yellow Page in Market Place

Digital storytelling in digital market place - old man is telling story.

Yellow page in hard copy became now as a show piece at a glass among youth. Similarly, many people are using digital page in mobile not even in laptop or computer for seeking piece of information. For instance, digital storytelling in market place provided by Callmandu is being a center among youth, especially amid lockdown. There are also many platforms and it is essential to choose appropriate one for your business growth. Let’s explore available yellow pages vs Callmandu.

Yellow Page in Digital Market Place in Nepal

There are almost 10 directory listing portal (yellow page) in Nepal. Callmandu is one of them with new approach of digital market place. Callmandu is not superb and high-tech than other available yellow page in Nepal. However, it is appropriate for people in Nepal. For instance, it has sensed requirements of our local community and implemented those essences into Callmandu, for example: free listings and minimal costing for digital storytelling package. In other words, digital storytelling is exclusive offer in Callmandu which advocates your business and services in digital market for business leads.

Why Digital Storytelling Important

Digital storytelling in digital market place - A girl is telling story over a phone.
A girl is telling her story over pone.

There are million of websites in the internet. We know just few websites and think that they are appropriate and useful for us. Those websites approached us. We found them and rest of million of websites are still unknown to us. Similarly, it is the same case to thousands of posts or listings in yellow page which are still away from right audiences. Callmandu has revealed new way to reach wider audience. That is digital storytelling offered by Callmandu in digital market place using appropriate technology and methods.

Digital Storytelling in Callmandu

The most important and beautiful part of yellow page in Nepal are that they have collected a lot of listings. However, many of them are lag behind from digital compaign which is essential method in digital market.

Digital storytelling is way to conveying message to wider audiences using multimedia channels understanding mood of people, community and society.

Digital Assets

Text, photo, audio and video are multimedia assets which are channelized to wider audiences through appropriate channels like – social media and conventional media. Each of digital assets has its specific features to render message to audience. That’s why, while channelizing those digital assets in digital market, there should be digital strategy for effective result. For example, text should be published with appropriate photographs and video. Similarly broadcast timing is also important in line of effect strategy.

Callmandu has offered digital storytelling in order to promote your business and services in many ways. Listing your business and services in Callmandu is absolutely free and it never expires. Digital storytelling has included blog writing with photos, search engine optimization of blog and listings, featuring listing in portal and social media promotion using digital assets.

Digital Strategy and Channels

There are many digital channels in digital market. Social media is most important tool among people nowadays. However, some conventional channels like email, websites and phones are also equally important in the digital campaign.

Digital strategy should consider way forward with digital channels for productivity of campaign. That’s why creating a content or post is very essential stage of digital storytelling because it effects all the way of digital campaign. That’s why, in order words, digital storytelling is called creative work.

Creative work for social media is burning content in digital storytelling nowadays. There are many tools online to make content for social media and it is creative artwork rather than conventional work. Even strategy of writing a story should align with online behavior of people. Similarly, it is same case for creating other digital assets like audio, video and many stuffs.

Callmandu takes care of all above on behalf of clienteles and work for productivity of business growth and services.

In conclusion, digital storytelling is a prominent tool to reach to wider audiences in digital market place nowadays. Callmandu is providing fabulous platform with digital storytelling of your services. Let’s check it out now.

Callmandu Team

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