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Functional Models Review: Creating Directory Listings – Phaedra Poliquin

Callmandu offers businesses of any size the opportunity to become listed within a professional directory. The service is beneficial to businesses local to Nepal as local information is easy to locate within the directory. Listing a business on Callmandu is simple and easy.

New users can create an account with their email address or they may login with existing social accounts such as Facebook, Yahoo! LinkedIn or WordPress. No login is needed to use the directory but with the creation of a login users are able to develop a professional profile listing and link their personal social media account. This feature is useful for users who wish to increase visibility of their brand within the directory.

Users are able to quickly add a listing from the menu bar. The directory is enabled to accommodate the upload of 10 photographs and features a GPS mapping feature so that consumers are more easily able to locate the businesses they seek.

Once listings are created they are able to be shared on RSS feeds of popular social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn,WhatsApp or Skype.

The Callmandu platform is able to be accessed from any device, at any time. There is no cost to create a listing and this is of great benefit to businesses that are small or local to Nepal that are not using professional public relations or promotional campaigns.

Callmandu offers optional fee based professional directory services on a tiered pricing plan. This enables businesses who are ready to take the next steps in growing their business affordable access to professional services.

Overall the platform is within functional alignment with large scale directory service providers such as Yahoo! , Google, and Yelp in regards to functionality, accessibility, ease of use and GUI interface.

Phaedra Poliquin

Author: Phaedra Poliquin

Phaedra Poliquin is an American Technology Consultant and Entrepreneur. She has held a high-level executive role with global telecommunications providers such as DirecTV and AT&T. She has developed training and education for thousands of telecommunications workers worldwide. Phaedra is the mobilization coordinator for the Midwest region of the Communications Workers of America Union where she also holds a role as a union steward specializing in parliamentary law and arbitration proceedings. Phaedra holds degrees in Information Technology, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising as well as Cosmetology and Medical Aesthetics. She is a participant of the Good Judgement Geopolitical forecasting project for the Stamford University Team. In addition to technology, she is an advocate and participant in the fine arts industry with proficiency in both digital and traditional arts.

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