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How Callmandu works for digital market place?

Post, Promote and Serve in Callmandu

Callmandu is digital market place in Nepal for all, most importantly for small and medium enterprise, to advertise services and serve people in Nepal. Three steps – post, promote and serve – are simple business process of Callmandu.

That’s why we provide digital market place to post your products or services. Similarly, It would be promoted automatically. In addition, people contact you directly for buying your products or to get services. Therefore, there are three steps – Post, Promote and Sell – to get your audiences as following:

Post your listing in digital market place in Nepal to promote and serve business.


Get ready for posting your products in Callmandu following steps. It is your first step to move forward with us and We encourage your active participation.

  1. Click at least 3 photos of your product.
  2. Prepare title of your product, price and short description about your product.
  3. Please Login Callmandu and
  4. Add listing of your product in Callmandu.

Promote your listing through digital market place in Nepal and serve your business posting your services in digital market place.


Once you posted your products, it will be disseminated by our eco-system and reached to significant audience through web portal and social media.

You can also share your product list into your social media timeline and in callmandu social media. Please do share and promote yourself too.

Serve your potential customer posting and promoting your listing in digital market place in Nepal.


Once audiences found their product, they call you directly or email you. You will be connected with your audience/clientele directly to serve your products.

Currently your client directly call you for buying or email you. We have not used any payment gateway.

In conclusion, just three steps will change your way of doing business in new dimension and in new height. You may always contact us if you face any issue to post, promote your listing to serve. Our team is always on the way to serve you.

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