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How to add my listings in Callmandu?

A listing is a complete package of information for any business and services. The list with various fields has also additional component of photos and video section which decorate the list in next level. We are glad that you are looking for how to add your listing in Callmandu.

You can add a listing clicking “Add Listing” button at the front-page. First of all, you should register yourself using your valid email and activating your account clicking a link sent by Callmandu. Once you have activated your account, please prepare few things. That’s why, at least 5 photos and important contact information of your business and services are essential stuffs for your listing. Following procedure will guide you in detail to add your listings.

How to add listings is very simple way. Let’s see how we can add listing Follow the instruction outlined below step by step to add a listing.

  1. Prepare at least 5 good photos of your business and services.
  2. Register yourself and login to add listing.
  3. Click on Add Listing and fill up form with your contact details and information mentioned in form as cited below.
  4. Once you fill up necessary fields, click submit listing.
  5. You will be asked, to submit. Click on Submit.
How to Add listings is amazing tool to add your information in Callmandu.
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