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Innovative Hospitality Services Cleaning Campaign

Innovative Hospitality services had recently worked with the international team in 13th SAG which was held in Nepal from 1st December to 10th December 2019. Innovative Hospitality services had actively participated in the national cleaning campaign for the entire SAG program. It was a very challenging time and experience for them to work with SAG preparation as it was an international function and it was their full responsibility for keeping the venue clean.

Brooming inside the Dashrath Stadium

They carried their duties with full accountability. It was very clean inside the stadium and the air inside was looking very much fresh with the clean impressive surrounding. Innovative Hospitality had worked for the cleaning campaign in venues of taekwondo, karate, shooting, squash, basketball, volleyball, football, lawn tennis and for table tennis in Lainchour too. They did work for cleaning the cricket ground in Kirtipur and thorough cleaning of swimming pool in Satdobato also.

Workers clean the floor of under-construction swimming pool in Satdobato.

In briefing, for the cleaning campaign of SAG 2019, the Innovative Hospitality had left no stone unturned to keep the game venues of Kathmandu city clean at its full. They carried their duty successfully and they have proved their motto to be true as their motto goes like this “our cleanliness is second to none.”

Innovative Hospitality services is moving on with enthusiastic women and man youth making remarkable job in hospitality sector. The company is also creating jobs in corporate level learning from international experiences. They are connecting global idea to act locally in Nepal.

The idea of international standards, which are customized locally according to local needs and regulations, are at the front line of Innovative Hospitality Services while working with corporate level in Nepal.

If you want to know about services of the company, you may contact the company following a link.

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