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Nepal’s Digital Market: Callmandu – Dr. Hacer Dolanbay

At the first, I have to say it’s quite exciting that Callmandu is working for digital market in Nepal. You don’t have to be a big company to advertise here. That’s why, it’s a platform that all companies, large and small can serve through. The service is beneficial to businesses especially if you’re local to Nepal as local information. Similarly, listing a business in Callmandu is simple and easy. In addition, the Callmandu platform is portable to any devices and available any where anytime. It is free to create listings and businesses have major benefits to mark their digital footprint as the first step in the digital world.

Users can create an account with their email address or they may login with existing social accounts such as Facebook. Features available in Callmandu for digital market in Nepal are prominently useful for users who wish to increase visibility of their brand within the directory which is portable in mobile screen.

Users can easily add a listing from a menu bar at the top right. In addition, the users can easily search companies they want using search textbox. They find what they’re looking for without much effort, so they get time. GPS mapping and photos are features that make it easier to find the companies you are looking for.
Overall the platform thanks to its ability to be an online business guide, I think Callmandu will be a guide for people in the pandemic process. Service at your fingertips without leaving home!

I am thankful for overall performance and features for business guide of the Callmandu which guide people in hard time like in COVID pandemic. I found everything about Nepal at my fingertips isolating myself at home in pandemic. Why don’t you give a try? Let’s move.


Dr. Hacer Dolanbay, She works as a lecturer at Muş Alparslan University in Turkey. She was a visiting scholar at the University of Rhode Island in the USA for a year. Search in academic sector, especially in primary education, teacher education, and higher education, are passion of Dr. Hacer. Her field of study is media literacy, education, digital culture, propaganda, ethics, social studies education, democracy and active citizenship. She is interested in study of emerging new media and its adversity in social calendar of people, politician and diplomats observing human rights and conflict.

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