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Visually Impaired Community Accessibility Test: A Review – Sanjiya Shrestha

The website is very easy to navigate with the use of short cut keys combination to those persons with visual disabilities. They depend on screen-reader software in their computers and mobile phone. They can shift from one heading to another, one link to another or search the queries they want within the website. However, visually impaired community may have trouble using it. Similarly, It is the case for person having inadequate vision to read alphabets on screen. Having option to customize font’s features in the website, then low vision user could have freedom to pursuit the required information in ease.

Graphical contents in the website are comparatively taking long time to load a page or searching any requests. It sometimes creates problem with the screen-reader user as well as slow internet user.

Callmandu Home Page
Callmandu Home Page.

The search result of the site is very good. The content and it’s contact info are also described. However, it would be better, if the companies and institute don’t only post a picture of a map indicating their location. But, in some way link to Google map and indicate the place. Users could get connection to Google map clicking on the link. And users reach out to that address by its guidance.

Website has a good layout and design to attract users. Pictures and other graphical content acts as a glitter to a page. If this pictures could have short caption describing what is in it or what it looks like, visually impaired community could also get the knowledge of that image. For example, This is a picture of a flag of Nepal. There are two triangles with a sun and moon painted in white with a crimson background and blue borders.

There were some features in the website which were yet to be release. I would be happy to review it when, it is ready. These were some of the points I would like to point out to make it even more accessible and compatible to visually impaired users.

Ms. Sanjiya Shrestha
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Map of listing linked with Google Map to navigate from your place to destination.

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