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Mobile Posting Ads Matters to You

Nepal has extended #lockdown till 14 June 2020. Everyone is staying at home for safety. Market is close. However, may shops and retailers have started options to sell. They posted their mobile numbers on wall poster for home delivery. New way of doing business in local market, Mobile Posting Ads, is emerging amid lockdown.

If you stick a poster on your wall, people just around you will notice. Similarly, if you stick a poster in the Internet, rest of the world will notice about your services. As a result, you can grow your business in exponential way. In order words, your business would be in new level of digital world.

Collection of Mobile Posting Ads from local market.

Callmandu provides you a very easy way to be online business with your services. As posting a poster with you mobile number, you can put essential information online in a template or form which will be display systematically and meaningfully under your banner name. That’s why, being online is nowadays very easy like with Callmandu.

Similarly, you will get many issues solved and new gorgeous digital features which add value to your service. Firstly, you can add photographs and videos of your services as promotion of your work online. Emails and other contact information will open multiple way for your customer to reach to you as soon as possible. In addition, google map and coordinates solve a problem of asking location. And it also eliminates significant time to explain about your location. In conclusion, Callmandu has provided you a lot of feature in one page to promote yourself extensively.

This is a time to take action for your growth with Callmandu (https:\\ It is very simple with three steps – 1. registration, 2. login 3. post your ads. You can now register and put your poster as ads online. Let’s check it out how to work.

Listing in Callmandu as Mobile Posting Ads.
Posters as ads posted by our customers in Callmandu.

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