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Joining Hands for Digital Nepal

Few months back when I was searching for grocery in my area, I would not get what exactly I wanted form my home. I asked my husband and wondered that we could not find the particular item. We realized that we were not fully aware of the available services around us and I started to list services and products that we needed at home. Same problem might be for other women working at home. I started Callmandu — digital marketplace — to list out what I needed at home and the some thing others might need.

I started from Kitchen to serve people like me to help finding services they need. Mostly in Nepal, we just make a call for any service. Email and going through formal process are still far. That’s why, calling is favorite way to be connecting dots. As a result, I named it Call plus Kathmandu — Callmandu.

My colleagues helped me on the way to Callmandu. I have also included GPS map so that everyone can find needy services locating google map.

The great feature of Callmandu is freedom of listing. It means that any registered user can list their services and products.

I am not only here to promote Callmandu but also to share my experience going through tremendous learning of doing new things in my life.

It was a new phase of my learning beside household job and wondering to move ahead in future. Along with the help from family members, I worked in the project and found new way of connecting people for purpose. I also tried to connect women who are trying to find same items like organic foods items.

It was not digital platform but also an interface to be in connection with service providers that I am going for shopping. I am also getting blissful greetings from my vendors that I am working with. It is an ultimate happiness and energy to move forward.

I found Callmandu as a window to experience current market and to explore formal governmental channels while going to registration process of the firm.

While imaging Digital Nepal concept coined by the government, my initiation might be the first step of small and medium enterprises in Nepal to gear up their business and service with digital platform.

I am happy that I am fueling a bit to Digital Nepal. I am consistently trying to improve my article and sharping my experience with constructive feedback. You are welcome to send your feedback to Thank you!

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